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This is a listing of all the books in the PAS Library.
The contents of the PAS library,

currently housed by Rod Sutter contact him by e-mail at to borrow materials,

or purchase Back Issues of magazines.

If you e-mail me with your choices I will bring the items to you at the next meeting.

NOTE: Only current paid members may borrow from the Library


We Now have Back Issues of

SKY AND TELESCOPE..........................ASTRONOMY


Not All Month's Are Avaliable But Most Of Them Are



*Planetary Reports


*Modern Astronomy


(*Planetary Reports and Modern Astronomy may also be purchased at $0.25ea)


Books Available in the PAS Library




    Phillis Engelbert & Diane L. Dupuis   Answers to lots of Space Questions  
    Charles F. Lewis, Joan A. Wrona, Carleton B. Moore   List all of the Metorites by name.  
    Richard Berry   Starwatching using the naked eye, bino's or a scope.  
    E.Shoemaker & Susan W. Kieffer   Formation and Geology of Meteor Crater  
    Jeffery Bennett   A Science Adventure for kids  
    Guilherme de Almeida   How to identify Stars and Constellations  
    Discovery Channel   Explore Your World  
    NASA, Linda J. Spilker   Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan  
    R.Greeley   Lots of Pics of Planets Landscapes  
    Brian Jones   An Introduction to Astronomy  
    Rose Houk   Complete story of Lowell OBS  
    William Sheehan & John Westfall   How and when to observe the Transits of Venus  
    NASA, David Morrison & Jane Samz   Voyager Mission to Jupiter  
    Nasa, David Morrison   Voyager Mission to Saturn  
    Arthur Koestler   A Bio Of Johannes Keppler  
    Carl Sagan   The Cosmic Connection  
    Isaac Asimov   Quasar,Quasar Burning Bright  
    George Gamow   A Star Called The Sun  
    Fred Hoyle   Frontiers of Astronomy  
    James Coleman   Modern Theories of the Universe  
    Arthur C. Clarke   The Exploration of Space  
    Ronald Story   The Space Gods Reverted  
    Fred Hoyle   The Nature of the Universe  
    Harlow Shapley   Beyond The Observatory  
    Paul Davies   Other Worlds  
    Alan Dressler   Voyage to the Great Attractor  
    James Trefil   Space Time Infinity  


    Victor J. Stenger   Not By Design  
    National Geological Survey   Nature on the Rampage  
    Stephen Hawking   A Brief History Of Time  
    Shklovskii-Sagan   Intelligent Life in the Universe  
    Mildred Harch Moorin PhD.   It is All I  
    Webb Society Volume 4 "Galaxies"   Deep Sky Observers Handbook  
    Webb Society Volume 5 "Clusters of Galaxies"   Deep Sky Observers Handbook  
    NASA   Passage to a Ringed World  
    NASA   Mariner-Venus 1967  
    Norman Davidson   Sky Phenomena  
    NASA   Apollor 15 psp  
    NASA   Solar Wind  
    NASA   Analysis of Apollo 8  
    Donald Osterbrock   Stars & Galaxies  
    NASA   Voyager 1 Encounters Saturn  
    NASA   Space Port USA  
    NASA   Amateur Astronomy In Space 1963  
    Kitt Peak   Kitt Peak Visitors Guide  
    Nems   NEMS Catalog of Meteorites  

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