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This is a listing of all the NightSky Network Tool Kits in the PAS Library.
The contents of the PAS library, currently housed by Rod Sutter contact him at to borrow materials.

  1. If you e-mail me with your choices I will bring the items to you at the next meeting.

  2. NOTE: Only current paid members may borrow from the Library.

  3. X = Denotes Item has been checked out.

NightSky Network OutReach Toolkits Available in the PAS Library






  #1 PlanetQuest   ASP-NSN   Telescope Treasure Hunt
          Where are the Distant Worlds
          How to find Planets around other Stars
          Why do we put Telescopes in Space
  #2 Our Galaxy our Universe   ASP-NSN   A Universe of Galaxys
          Telescopes as Time Machines
          Our Place in our Galaxy
  #3 Telescopes-Eyes on the Universe   ASP-NSN   What power is your Telescope
          Ready to Observe
          Can you see the Flag on the Moon
          Why doesn't it Look Like the Photos?
          The Electromagnetic Spectrum (poster)
  #4 Shadows and Silhouettes   ASP-NSN (test version)   Trip around the Triangle
          Be the Local Transit Authority
          Shadows in Space: Phases and Eclipses

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